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Bottle glides in and out without spilling ice everywhere. Design is slender enough to allow it to be neatly organized along with all over beverages at potential serving stations .... meaning my bar, your bar, the kitchen island buffet, pool side, or even camping - or shall I say, glamping! So far, everything popped in for a chilll has been 100% consumed ... which is strange in this house. Perhaps this is due to perfect chillness, brand of beverage, or merely easily accessibility OR the outward laying bottle that pleasantly reminds patrons that there is still something delicious to drink inside. Whatever it is, this is a great buy for yourself and definitely a GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Bartender Approved

The BOMB!! So cool how you Place the bottle at the bottom and slide it in and all the ice rolls up over the bottle. It is sturdy, built well and sits on the table nicely. I just cleaned it it comes out beautiful just be aware it might scratch easily. Mine has not but I’m being careful you could tell it could and that wouldn’t look as nice then. Finally no struggle with trying to squeeze the bottle and ice around the bottle this is just very clever design Really awesome item I’m going to get another one!

Totally the bomb & Clever design!!